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Iute Credit

The flagship of the future Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Consolidation! A dream interface for any financial institution that can transfer accounting information from its financing system to Microsoft Dynamics D365. For us, the additional excitement was introducing changes into the system, where the specifics of each region had to be taken into account.


We like clouds. We raised Nortal to the skies with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations cloud solution. The Nortal team went to spend their weekend peacefully, knowing something new was happening on Monday. It did, version change happened, for which we used Microsoft tools: We automatically transferred all of the old system settings and transactions data. On Monday, they continued their work at the same pace as they left off on Thursday, but this time in a new interface.

Nortal is an international software development company that offers quality solutions for both public and private companies

Hansa Grupp

Hansabuss is one of the largest groups in the Baltics engaged in bus transport, car rental and sales and service of commercial vehicles based on Estonian capital. After getting acquainted with the company's processes, our Piret found that it is best to manage Hansabuss personnel with the personnel and salary module developed by DataCatering. Bus drivers know when to come to work, payrollers make a few clicks and everyone is happy.


Yes! Ice cream! In order for Balbiino to produce 30,000,000 ice creams a year, it is necessary to move information through interfaces, and this must be done frequently and in large volumes. Using the production module, new and familiar flavors are created, which make us look forward to the summer even more eagerly. Countless forklift lifts, scanning thousands of lines a day, handling orders - only then does ice cream come.
Frozen goods warehouse solutions are waterproof if not to say ice-proof. The logistics service is solved using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, which has interfaces with customers and, on the other hand, with many manufacturers.
Balbiino is one of the largest ice cream producers in Estonia, belonging to the NG Investments Group.

Tartu City Government

Employees of Tartu City Government have their hands full of work every day. The information of the managed entities moves in light speed through interfaces. The interface document management system ensures that invoices (and to be frank, also fines) reach the end customer on time. Tartu City Government has also chosen our payroll module for convenient salary payment.

Miss Mary of Sweden

This company knows that feeling good starts with a well-fitting lingerie. However, we know that fast order fulfillment starts with a well-functioning warehouse system. Miss Mary of Sweden is a Swedish-capital based lingerie manufacturer whose main sales channel is catalogs. There is a production and logistics center in Estonia, for which we helped to build the warehouse system.


Sometimes you stick to seasoning food with your favorite spices, other times you want to try something new. So do we - using standard solutions, but always building custom solutions on top that meet the customer's needs.

27 different production locations, 18,000 customers - these numbers require smooth production planning, smooth movement of the group's orders and warehousing. Accurate budgeting and reporting.
Solina Group is a manufacturer of industrial spices. Innovative industrial spice solutions are offered to the food industry, helping them to develop new products.


The goal of the company's activities is to offer customers high-quality and reliable end-to-end solutions in the form of security, payment and automatic systems. Their clients are companies from the banking, trade, transport and public sectors. Solutions and products are offered that make work easier and safer.

Tartu Mill

Tartu Mill is an Estonian producer of flour and flour products. They already know how to separate the blades from the barns! We helped with this - the smooth flow of information flow between the farmer and the company, the fast delivery of store orders and shipments.

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